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Insight Nanofluidics Inc. fabricates fluidic cells with ultrathin windows spaced nanometres to micrometres apart for applications in two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy, electron and x-ray diffraction, and electron microscopy.

Using our cells researchers have made significant discoveries in a number of fields.

2DIR Water Data

Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy of water *

Our cells provided a thin water layer that allowed for the study of OH vibrations that report directly on the hydrogen bond network responsible for water’s special properties.
These studies required 100 nm pathlengths to avoid pulse propagation distortion effects and enabled the first direct studies of pure H2O under fully resonant conditions.  The 2D IR studies (shown at the left) finally resolved a 100 year old problem in spectroscopy and showed the hydrogen bond network is inhomogenously broadened but loses memory on an incredible short timescale.  Even better, this work showed water is fundamentally different than previously imagined.  It turns out that the primary excitations in liquid water are spatially delocalized over many waters in a form of disordered exciton. This effect is normally associated with highly ordered systems such as photosynthetic units but occurs at the primordial level of water itself.  This one example shows the power and new INSIGHT possible with nanofluidics.

Try one of our nanocells and see what insight it brings to your research!

* See Nature (2005), 434, 199 and PNAS (2008), 105(2), 437.